Happy Fall Y’all……

Even though the summer temperatures are lingering on, the calendar tells us it’s that time of year…don’t forget to push that clock up an hour. And just because you’re losing an hour, you won’t get behind, just call
Just In Thyme, and all your meals will be on time…


Don’t forget this weekend is Memorial Day!!!! Welcome Summer!!

Going to the River, the Beach or just having a backyard Bar-B-Que…….Remember Pasta Salads, Chicken Salad, Pimento Cheese, Pound Cake for your strawberries, ready made hamburger patties ready for the grill (or already grilled), deviled eggs….check out The Menu for anything else you might like and I will get it ready for  you ……                                                                Just In Thyme……..    

May is Granduation Month

May is such an exciting and exhilarating month.  Congratulations to all our Graduates.  To you College Grads, welcome to your new life and we all wish your new venture to be filled with everything you and your parents have dreamed and wished for you.  And, you upcoming High School Grads, this is your beginning.  Good Luck, have fun (but not too much), study hard and enjoy.  You have just begun and all good things will come to both…                                                   Just In Thyme…….. 

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Just In Thyme Meals would like to wish every Mother a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.  And… remember everyday is a beautiful day, surprise that special one in your family with something wonderful for dinner.  Call me and I will have it ready….

                                      Just In Thyme….


What about this……..

Chicken Marsala served over spaghetti noodles ~ or ~ Pecan Parmesan Crusted Tilapia served with garlic mash potatoes, both come with either sautéed green beans or asparagus. 

Call me and I will have this  for you……Just In Thyme…..

What an Event Weekend

WOW! What a Derby Weekend…..What A NASCAR Weekend….What a PGA Weekend….

Thank you for all your orders and all the accolades  no matter the event.  It is such a great feeling to cook for so many when you know they genuinely enjoy the food.  You are all great customers.

Don’t forget to check This Week’s Menu to see what I have planned for this week or just look at the The Menu and call me……Just In Thyme…..